From the Superintendent

It is a pleasure to serve in one of Ohio’s best school districts, the Granville Exempted Village Schools! As superintendent, I look forward to contributing to this district’s long-standing Tradition of Excellence. 

My goals include looking beyond test scores, and gaining growth in student achievement.
 Think of it as moving from “good to great,” pushing our students and staff to reach for higher goals, greater knowledge and a deeper commitment to learning.

This past year, I worked with members of the Board of Education to develop benchmarks for student success.

These indicators will became our Continuous Improvement Plan, or a road map to greater success.
 I expect to instill a culture of “efficiency,” not scarcity, in our schools. It is vital that we establish and manage a sustainable system of education, rather than one that makes continued demands for support. We will maintain transparency in our stewardship daily, not just when a levy rolls around.

Finally, I am eager to seek out new and innovative partnerships with parents, community members, and local businesses – both in the Granville community and beyond the borders of Licking County.
 We want to build mutually beneficial relationships with those who can help us establish and sustain 21st Century learning.

I invite your participation in our schools.
 Whether you volunteering our classrooms, attend a student performance, or cheer us on at a sporting event, your commitment to our schools is vital to our continuing growth and success. I also welcome your thoughts and suggestions regarding our schools. Please contact me with your ideas -- I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Partner in Education,

Jeff Brown

Granville Exempted Village Schools
[email protected]

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