Board of Education

Granville Board of Education

The Granville Board of Education is a five-member body that sets policy for the Granville Exempted Village School District. The board sets educational goals and establishes policy for the school system based upon state laws and community values. The school board serves as a link between schools and the public, representing the citizens of the school district.

Board members make decisions on a wide range of issues, such as hiring and evaluating a superintendent and treasurer, setting district policy, planning student services, goal-setting and long range planning, developing curriculum, establishing budgets and creating community relations programs. A board member should be a skilled decision maker; however, decisions are only made by the board as a whole at a public meeting.  No one member has the independent authority to speak for the board.

Members of the Board of Education are elected to serve four-year terms. Their terms are staggered to provide continuity on the board.

Board Policies

A school board sets educational goals and establishes policy for the school district based upon state laws and community values. Perhaps the most important responsibility of a school board is to employ a superintendent and to hold him or her responsible for managing the schools in accordance with the school board's policies.

Granville Board of Education Policies
(available online & searchable)

The following policy was approved at the Board's May 22, 2017 meeting:

Board Members

Jennifer Cornman

Russell Ginise
Vice President
Amy Deeds

Thomas Miller

Andrew Kohn

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