Whom should I talk with?

Whom should I talk to if I have a question or concern about Granville Schools?

The Granville Exempted Village Schools want the education experience to be a positive one for you and your child. There may be times when you have questions or concerns. Our goal is to address and resolve any issues as promptly and efficiently as possible. Please use the  Organizational Chart  and staff directory to address your questions to the appropriate person or department. We ask that you start with the person most directly involved in your issue. For example, if your child has an issue on the school bus, please speak first with the bus driver.  

Resolving Conflicts with Staff

1.) First, talk with the staff member about the situation. The employee should make every effort to provide a reasonable explanation or take appropriate action within his/her authority, and district policies and guidelines.

However, if child abuse or substance abuse is suspected, or if there are any other serious allegation(s), immediately contact the building principal.

2.) If the situation is not resolved satisfactorily with the staff member, ask to meet with the building principal or supervisor.

3.) If you are not satisfied with the principal or supervisor’s resolution, request in writing a meeting with the superintendent. In your written request, please include:

  • A brief description of the situation.
  • A description of how you, your child or other students have been affected by the situation.
  • The action you would like the district to take.
  • Why you want the action taken.

4.) If the superintendent’s solution does not satisfy your concerns, you may request in writing to meet with the Granville Board of Education.

The board will schedule a hearing. You will be notified in writing of the board’s decision within 10 business days after the hearing. The board’s decision is final.

Who to contact in the Granville Schools (listed alphabetically)
For staff not listed here, please use the 
Staff Directory to locate contact information including name, title, location, phone and email address.

Business Operations

Responsibilities include: Management of facilities, grounds and custodial services, as well as food services, transportation, and the energy management and recycling programs.

Scott Lofton, Operations Supervisor

Dianna Myers, Operation Secretary

Jonathan Harbaugh, Chef & Manager, AVI Fresh Foods

Scott Carpenter, Transportation Supervisor

Deana Killworth, Transportation Secretary

Curriculum & Instruction
Responsibilities include: Creating and leading professional development related to Common Core and State Standards; selection of academic resources including textbooks and supplemental materials; facilitates district committee meetings; manages district and state-mandated assessments; evaluates building principals; and EMIS (Student Information System);  

Ryan Bernath, Assistant Superintendent

Kelli Small, EMIS Coordinator/Registration Coordinator

Human Resources

Responsibilities include: Planning, coordinating and supervision of the Human Resources Department. This includes the recruitment and selection process of all certified and classified staff, the administration of employee benefits and AESOP (Substitute Scheduling).

Brian Petrie, Director of Human Resources

Marie Kreger, Human Resources Secretary
Athletic Department
Josh DeVoll, Athletic Director
Laura Whittington, Athletic Secretary

Student Services
Responsibilities include: supports students ages 3 to 21 identified as disabled under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and/or Section 504 of The Rehabilitation Act of 1973; provides English Language Learner (ELL) students with service to address English language and academic needs; supervises school health clinics to support on-going and immediate health/medical needs of students and staff and conducts screenings, consultation and prevention classes to support student wellness.

Gwenn Spence, Director

Rhonda Ross, Secretary

Joyce Blackstone, Secretary

Responsibilities include: v
ision, continuous improvement, and focus of district work; communication and collaboration; policies and governance; instruction and resources.

Jeff BrownSuperintendent

Janelle King, Secretary to the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent


 Responsibilities include: 
Technology Operations - Support & successful operation of computer-based equipment, email, wireless, security cameras. Technology Integration - The seamless infusion of technology into the regular education classroom; support for teachers and training of staff.

Glenn Welker, Director of Technology



Responsibilities include: financial planning, oversight & reporting; Accounts Payable;  Payroll & Benefits.  

Brittany TreoloTreasurer

Cari ButlerPayroll

Kim PulleyAccounts Receivable


Granville Elementary School

Travis Morris, Principal
Tracy Stewart, Assistant Principal
Isabelle ThatcherSchool Counselor
Kim Border, Secretary
Tiera Cramer, Educational Aide


Granville Intermediate School

Tracie Lees, Principal
Sarah Giannetto, Assistant Principal
Misti BakerSchool Counselor

Granville Middle School

Lisa Ormond, Principal
Josh Quire, Assistant Principal
Sydney Frazier, School Counselor
Jody Overholt, Secretary


Granville High School

Scott Hinton, Principal

Katie Beach,  Assistant Principal

Elizabeth Adams, School Counselor, Last Names H - N

Brandi Cosgrove, School Counselor, Last Names O - Z

Cody Masters, School Counselor, Last Names A - G

Lori Browning, Principal's Secretary
PJ KadlicGuidance Secretary
Tiera Cramer, Educational Aide
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