What is Credit Flex?

Credit Flexibility, or Credit Flex, refers to educational options at GHS including learning opportunities and experiences that occur outside the realm of the school day. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these educational opportunities by offering credit based on their experiences. Any educational option needs to be pre-approved by multiple parties if high school credit is to be earned. Educational options at GHS include:

Independent Studies

Independent studies are designed for those students who demonstrate the ability, interest and maturity to accept personal responsibility for their learning in a selected curricular area and have the opportunity to pursue it outside of GHS. The purpose of these programs is to develop learners who plan their own research, learning objectives and a plan to attain those objectives outside of the traditional classroom with an experienced mentor. For independent study students, the mentor is a GHS teacher (Teacher of Record), and the student will be required to meet with the teacher periodically to monitor progress and provide feedback. 

Credit Flexibility for Outside Experiences

Credit flexibility offers students a chance to expand on the independent study opportunities as the mentor is not a GHS teacher. The method of assessment will follow the guidelines for your Credit Flexibility Grade. The Board that will award the grade is comprised of an administrator, a teacher in the subject area or outside mentor, and potentially other pertinent parties. These options are designed to capitalize on educational experiences for students outside of normal school hours, or to allow students to take classes that may not fit in their academic schedules.

Testing Out/Demonstrating Mastery

The testing out/demonstrating mastery option is an opportunity for a student to test out of and receive credit for a course prior to taking it. This allows students who have mastered course content to accelerate through the curriculum at an individual pace. The testing out option will be available to students at various times before and during the school year (August and January). GHS has set mastery level at 85%, meaning a student must receive an 85% on the test to opt-out and receive credit for the class. Students doing this at the semester must score at least an 85% on the first semester exam to be eligible to take the second semester test-out option. Students who want to test out of AP courses must take the AP test the prior spring and score a 3 (B), 4 (A) or 5 (A+). The testing out option for receiving credit may not meet NCAA Clearinghouse standards for prospective college athletes. Students who are testing out may receive a textbook and course outline from GHS in order to prepare for the exam.

Credit Flexibility Forms

Used for Independent Studies, Credit Flexibility, & Testing Out/Demonstrating Mastery
Components needed to receive a credit flexibility grade & corresponding rubric
To be reviewed & signed by parent/guardian & student with your school counselor

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