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Gifted Program

The Granville Exempted Village School District's Gifted Program
In Ohio, the term “Gifted” refers to students who perform or show potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others of their age, experience or environment and who are identified following procedures and criteria established by the Ohio Revised Code, Section 3324.03

For additional information on the rules for gifted identification in Ohio, visit the Ohio Department of Education Office of Exceptional Children website.
Gifted students need differentiated curriculum and instruction and support services in order to fully develop their cognitive, academic, creative and artistic abilities or to excel in a specific content area, including opportunities to exceed grade level academic indicators and benchmarks.However, the state has not yet instituted a mandate to serve every identified gifted child, nor has it provided the funding necessary to do so.Each district must define the criteria for services available in its district given the number of teachers and funding allotted by the state.Due to the wide range of ability and differing developmental needs of gifted students, no single service option can provide an optimal educational experience for all identified children.Therefore, a continuum of enrichment opportunities is recommended.

Granville Exempted Village School District employs one full-time gifted intervention specialist to work with grades four, five, and six in the intermediate building.Recognizing that good communication skills and the ability to read, interpret, and create written material is crucial in promoting individual excellence, the gifted specialist teaches gifted students who meet the criteria.


Capable students may qualify for acceleration by early entrance to Kindergarten, whole grade acceleration, single subject acceleration, or early graduation from high school in accordance with Granville Exempted Village School District’s Acceleration Policy.  Parents should contact their child’s building principal for more information on student acceleration.
The process for acceleration is as follows:
  • Fill out an Acceleration Referral Form (attached) and Permission for Acceleration Assessment Form (attached) and deliver to the building principal.
  • Principal or designee will send signed forms to gifted coordinator to arrange appropriate testing (cognitive ability, grade level academic achievement, and/or above grade level academic achievement).
  • Coordinator will gather information from educators (current teachers, receiving teachers, principal, counselors, psychologists, etc...). if the referral is for early entrance to Kindergarten, information will also be gathered from parents and preschool teachers.
  • Principal or designee will make arrangements for acceleration evaluation committee meeting with parents and involved educators. Coordinator will lead committee through acceleration process to determine the appropriate service using the Iowa Acceleration Scale (IAS).
  • If student is accelerated, coordinator will write a Written Acceleration Plan (WAP).
  • Principal or designee will distribute copies of the WAP to all involved educators and place copy in student's cumulative record.
  • The coordinator will keep IAS and related documentation on file in the ESC office.
Acceleration includes four different practices:
  • Early Entrance to Kindergarten - A student who does not meet the birthday cutoff date for Kindergarten or 1st grade enters school despite the cutoff.


  • Early Graduation - A student who has not completed 12th grade year, but has completed district graduation requirements ending his or her K-12 school career earlier than expected.


  • Whole Grade Acceleration - The student skips an entire year of school instruction. For example, a child moves from 3rd grade to 5th grade and completely skips 4th grade.


  • Single Subject Acceleration - The student skips a grade level of instruction in one subject, but remains in his or her regular grade level for other subject areas. For example, the child may be a 4th grade student in 4th grade classes, but taking 5th grade math
See the Board of Education policy regarding acceleration here.
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