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Family Interpretive Guides

Testing Resources

Online content & videos:

ª Practice Science and Social Studies Assessments

These practice tests can give you an idea of the format, by grade level, of the state tests for Science and Social Studies.

ª Ohio Department of Education Video providing information concerning testing requirements for a high school.  

ª Practice Tools for Online Testing

Testing resources provided below are for parents. The files include testing schedules for planning purposes, test anxiety strategies, test result interpretation guides, and general tips and strategies for home. Please don't hesitate to contact the Curriculum Department at 740-587-8186 with any questions or concerns.

Family Interpretive Guides: These guides were created by the Ohio Department of Education to help parents better understand the information included in the assessment family reports.

Testing: Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have any further testing questions, do not hesitate to contact your building principal or Ryan Bernath, Assistant Superintendent at [email protected] or 587-8186.

Why are the new Ohio State Tests a meaningful and useful assessment system?

ª The new assessments reflect classroom lessons and experiences. Students must analyze information and explain their answers. They take advantage of technology to include questions and other tasks that emulate the type of work that students will encounter in their classrooms on a regular basis and after high school. These assessments help to encourage schools to use technology as a day-to-day tool to enhance learning.

ª The multi-state test offers a common benchmark for local and state educators and policymakers to gauge student performance on a level playing field. The state and local districts will continue to monitor other data sources such as student and school progress, attendance and graduation rates, school climate and learning conditions. The data we gain from these assessments is one piece of a larger collection of data points that we use to measure the effectiveness of our programs and the progress of our students.

There are numerous dates on the testing calendar. Will my student be tested all of those days?

ª Each individual student is testing on only select days during each of the two testing windows. Students will only be tested on the subjects and grade levels that pertain to their individual student. For example, on a day when fourth-grade students are testing, fifth- and sixth-grades students at GIS will have normal classes.

Will regular instruction be happening during the testing windows?

ª Instruction will continue throughout the testing windows. The typical daily schedule will have modifications to allow for the testing times.

When will results be available, and what will parents and students receive?

ª There is no definitive answer from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) on when results will be available. The most recent conversations have stated that results will be available in late fall of 2015. ODE has stated that additional time will be needed this year to properly align the test results. Parents, students and the school district will only receive the student’s overall score which is a combination of the PBA and EOY.

How does my student make up a test if he or she is out ill?

ª Students will continue with the schedule as it is published from the building. A makeup test can occur when that student does not already have a test scheduled (i.e. if a fourth-grader is absent they could make up a test on the day that the fifth-graders are testing). Additionally, students can make up tests at the end of the testing calendar. Students will continue to take the rest of the assessments on the day provided by the district calendar.

What happens if Granville Schools are closed or a 2-hour delay due to weather conditions is required?

ª If Granville Schools close or delay due to weather or any other reason, the testing schedule will be moved back one day or that date will be adjusted to a later date within the testing window. Those decisions will be made in the best interest of students and the order which they are testing.


Testing Schedule

Testing Schedule: The Testing Schedule provides dates for district assessments by grade level. This is intended to give a year at a glance view for parents. Hopefully, this can help guide decisions on vacations so as to not miss vital opportunities of assessment of your child's learning.

Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety: If your child suffers from test anxiety, the document below shares some ideas of what you can do at home as well as some strategies you might request of your child's teacher. These were graciously provided by Professor Spencer J. Salend.

A former teacher in the New York City School System,Spencer J. Salend is a professor at SUNY-New Paltz, where he teaches courses on educational assessment.
He is the author of the best-selling, easy-to-read, and practical book,"Creating Inclusive Classrooms: Effective and Reflective Practices."

Widely known for his work in translating research into practice, he has published and presented on such topics as educational assessment, inclusive educational practices, and teaching students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
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