Granville Middle School
210 New Burg Street
Granville, OH 43023
Phone: 740-587-8104
Fax: 888-683-7730


Transportation Services

Granville Schools welcome parents/guardians and families as partners, working together to ensure our students arrive to and from school in a safe manner. Our buses travel over 1,600 miles per day. We want every trip to be a safe one!



Students who live more 1/2 mile from the school, or where there's no safe walking area to the assigned school are eligible to ride the bus. All new students must complete a Student Registration form in order to be assigned to a bus route. Bus routes are established at the beginning of the school year. New students will be given transportation information upon enrollment. If you have a question about a bus route, please contact the Transportation Department at 740-587-8107.


Transportation to other Schools

Granville Schools provides transportation for Granville residents who attend the following preschool/schools:


  • Blessed Sacrament Elementary School
  • Citadel
  • C-TEC
  • Excel Academy
  • Flying Colors Public School Preschool
  • Granville Christian Academy
  • Newark Catholic High School
  • St. Francis Elementary School
  • Welsh Hills


Bus Stops

Parents/guardians are responsible for the safety and supervision of their children to and from designated bus stops, as well as at the bus stops. The district is responsible for students once they have boarded the bus. Please plan to have children arrive 5-10 minutes early at bus stop to help us keep our buses running on time.


Bus Changes

Students who are eligible to ride a bus may be picked-up and dropped-off at up to two (2) locations, as long as the schedule remains consistent throughout the school year. We will accept Transportation Change Requests for changes to childcare arrangements and in emergency situations. Please do not request changes for transportation to a friend's home, sleepovers, parties, athletic practices and other social-related reasons. Parents may make a one-day change as follows:


Bus Safety

For the safety of our students and bus drivers, parents are encouraged to review the bus procedures and rules with their children. Violation of these rules could result in the revocation of bus riding privileges. If you have a concern about student behavior on a bus, please contact Transportation Supervisor Kim Clary at 740-587-8107.

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before the bus pick-up time.
  • Remain seated, keeping aisles and exits clear.
  • Obey the bus driver.
  • Keep arms and heads inside the bus windows. Do not throw anything out of the bus windows.
  • Food, beverages and tobacco products are prohibited on the bus.
  • Profane and/or threatening language will not be tolerated on the bus.
  • Bus drivers reserve the right to assign seats as necessary or appropriate for student safety.


Transportation Staff

Our bus drivers are the first and last school staff to see your child each day! They are professionals, like your child’s teacher or principal, who receive certification to operate a school bus. Bus drivers must successfully pass a written test, a driving test, a physical examination, and federal & state background checks prior to driving. They must also complete classroom and on-the-bus training annually.


Kim Clary

Transportation Supervisor


740-587-8197 fax


Deana Killworth




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