Blue Aces are Adaptable! Portrait of a Graduate Student Feature

Third-Grade Student Displays Portrait of a Graduate Trait Adaptable in Writing Project  
January 31, 2024

Blue Aces are Adaptable! Students in Ms. Depue's third-grade class at Granville Elementary began a nonfiction writing project at the start of December on a topic of their choice. Once the students selected their topics, they built upon their knowledge of both the topic and nonfiction writing by studying mentor texts and improving their nonfiction writing techniques. To begin the project, which took six weeks to complete, students wrote their first and second drafts on paper. They then collaborated with other students for editing purposes and participated in individual writing conferences with Ms. Depue to revise and write their final drafts. Finally, students had to turn their writing into a nonfiction chapter book complete with nonfiction text features and illustrations.
One student, Dima Lukecha, demonstrated great adaptability throughout this project. Dima and his family moved to Granville this past summer from Ukraine, so Dima and his younger sister started the school year as English Language Learners. When deciding what topic to write about for the nonfiction project, he was supported through teacher-directed questions. Dima chose to write his book about the things that he loves – soccer, cats, and his family and friends – and was excited to write his book in both English and Ukrainian. His book includes a table of contents, nonfiction text features, text, and illustrations just like those of his peers. While drafting his nonfiction chapter book, Dima and Ms. Depue used online tools and applications to help with translating when needed. He also had the help of an aide when needed. He hoped to teach other students with his Ukrainian writing, and beamed with pride when his project was finished.
Dima has overcome many obstacles moving to America and has adjusted to his new situation well, displaying a positive attitude each and every day. He enters with a smile and leaves with a smile no matter what is asked of him. 
Thank you, Dima, for being a true example of Adaptable!

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