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Message from the Superintendent: Enjoy the Winter Break!
December 20, 2022

Dear Blue Ace Families,

As we head into the Winter Break and take advantage of all of the activities in and out of school, I want to send a message wishing you all Happy Holidays! This first half of the year has been tremendous, with great achievements across the classrooms, band rooms and sports courts and fields, and everywhere in between.

I also would like to take this opportunity to highlight the environment that Granville Schools intentionally creates to advance our Portrait of a Graduate competencies. Our emphasis on Academics, Arts and Athletics set the conditions for our students to put the Portrait traits “to practice”.  We took the first half of the year to re-introduce these competencies to all of you and posted many examples of students living the traits – whether it is in a classroom, on a stage or on an athletic field, many of the mindsets, skills and dispositions are learned, practiced and reinforced in these environments.  Parents also create these same opportunities outside of school to develop and refine these skillsets. This partnership is what makes Granville Schools strong and positions our students to thrive in any setting. As you head into the break, please take a minute to refresh your memory on our Portrait of a Graduate competencies here and reinforce them with your loved ones. Again, Happy Holidays!

Your partner in education,

Jeff Brown
Superintendent, Granville Schools

Looking forward to a great 2023 in Granville Schools!