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GES End of the Year Pick up/Drop Off Materials Scheduled

During the final week of the school year, GES staff will be at the building to distribute materials students may have left in the classroom or teachers need to send home. This will also be an opportunity to return any books or materials which belong to the school or teachers. The times for this process will be May 26 from 4:00- 6:00 PM and May 27 from 9:00- 11:00 AM or 1:00- 3:30 PM.

Student Chromebooks do not need to be returned other than: 1) a student Chromebook is in need of repair, for any reason. A note must be attached clearly explaining the issue.  2) the student will no longer be attending Granville Schools in the fall. 3) the student does not require a Chromebook at home because additional devices are available for summer online activities. In all cases, the charger must be returned as well.

Click here to complete an online form to assist us in planning for this event. This exchange of resources is completely optional for those who desire or need to do so. We do not want anyone to take an unnecessary risk.

In order to exchange/ retrieve resources while still adhering to physical distancing guidelines as much as possible, a very strict process will be in place.

  1. K-1 parents will receive materials in the rear parking lot adjacent to the playground. Second- third grade parents will use the alley entering at Sunrise Street and exiting onto Granger Street.
  2. Parents will pull forward to the designated location, remain in the vehicle, and then provide the name and teacher of the student(s) to the staff member.
  3. The materials will be brought directly to you and placed in your vehicle. No one other than designated staff will enter the building.
  4. Families may return materials at this time. Those materials must be in a single bag with the student's name and teacher's name clearly marked. Materials will be placed in bins and left untouched for a period of time.
  5. Any Chromebooks being returned must include the charger.
  6. All staff will be wearing appropriate protective gear.
  7. Anyone with students in grades in both locations, will need to utilize both retrieval sites to receive materials. No exceptions will be made.

Again, this process is completely optional for families.