Portrait of a Graduate: Adaptable

Dear Blue Ace Families,
As we continue to explore the traits that make up our Portrait of a Graduate, the next one – Adaptable – reminds me of this anonymous quote: “When something goes wrong in your life, just yell ‘plot twist’ and move on.” 
It does not always have to be something “going wrong” or negative for adaptability to be an important skill, especially in our growing and ever-evolving world. Being able to adapt in any situation is a sign of intellectual and emotional maturity that we want our graduates to strive toward.
We define the Adaptable competency as:
  • A Blue Ace adjusts to varied roles and responsibilities in a world of ambiguity and changing priorities.
  • A Blue Ace reacts productively to feedback, success, and failure.
  • A Blue Ace understands, balances, and navigates diverse views to reach workable solutions. 

We will highlight Blue Aces being Adaptable on our social media channels this week and beyond. Please watch for the next competency highlight in a couple of weeks. We are Learning for Life!
Your partner in education,
Jeff Brown
Superintendent, Granville Schools

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