Portrait of a Graduate: Responsible

Dear Blue Ace Families,
The next trait of our Portrait of a Graduate I would like to highlight is Responsible
We define the Responsible competency as:
  • A Blue Ace displays personal integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior.
  • A Blue Ace explores and expands personal learning experiences and opportunities to gain expertise.
  • A Blue Ace understands the local, national, and global implications of civic decisions.

This trait covers a lot of ground, from personal responsibility to civic responsibility. We want our graduates to be Responsible for themselves but also feel a sense of responsibility for others through their experiences, as well as act on that sense for the greater good.
Coincidence, accident or happenstance…this trait comes as our country, states, cities and villages prepare for a mid-term election, where civic responsibility is paramount to the success of our democracy. We educate our students on civic responsibility so they endeavor to be contributing members of society while still in high school and when they graduate and go out into the world.
We will highlight Blue Aces being Responsible on our social media channels this week and beyond. Please watch for the next competency highlight in a couple of weeks. We are Learning for Life!
Your partner in education,
Jeff Brown
Superintendent, Granville Schools

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