From the Superintendent: Ohio Department of Education State Report Card Rankings

Dear Blue Ace Families,
In 2021, the State of Ohio created a new system of accountability for Local School Districts called the State Report Card. According to Ohio Department of Education website, “Report Cards are designed to give parents, communities, educators and policymakers information about the performance of districts and schools — to celebrate achievement and success and identify areas for improvement. The information provides clear and easily available reporting on student performance, drives local conversations on school improvement and identifies schools to receive supports for getting better. The goal is to ensure all students receive an excellent education that can lead to success in life, careers and future learning.”
The Report Card has five metrics related to student academic performance: Achievement, Progress, Gap Closing, Early Literacy and Graduation. In the future, another metric College, Career, Workforce and Military Readiness will be added. These areas are ranked on a 1-5-star measure, with 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest. 
On September 16th, the State Report Card for 2021-2022 was released. We are proud to say that Granville Schools earned 5 stars in Achievement, Gap Closing, Early Literacy and Graduation. We earned 4 stars in Progress, which represents evidence of above-typical growth for our students. Our Performance Indicator score – a summary of the star ratings – means Granville Schools are #1 in not only Licking County, but in Central Ohio, and 13th in the state. 
The performance of our students demonstrates that they are returning to the superior levels of performance seen before the pandemic. These data are important for continuous improvement, but represent only part of the picture of our students’ achievements. Our 5-year graduation rate is 100%, which demonstrates our commitment to EVERY child. We go beyond just academics to educate and support the whole child – our students acquire the necessary mindsets, skills and dispositions articulated in our Portrait of a Graduate to complement their strong academic performance in their journey toward Learning for Life.  
To witness this more complete picture, please talk to your children, other students, educators and parents about what is happening in our buildings each day. Please visit our District website, subscribe to our newsletters and follow our social media channels.  Many great things are happening every day!
If you are interested in learning more about the State Report Card, I encourage you to visit the ODE’s webpage.
Your partner in education,
Jeff Brown
Superintendent, Granville Schools

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