Parent Survey regarding COVID-19

These last two months, when the reality of the pandemic hit central Ohio, have been true learning experiences for most in our school community.  Shifting our educational environment from a classroom-based learning model to a home-based distance-learning one altered fundamental structures and practices.  Few people were overly comfortable in this environment.  But, as is frequently the case with new challenges, we’ve grown from this crisis.

Certainly, innovations have hatched.  New insights about ourselves, the learning process, and our students emerged.  We’ve heard of some of these already.  However, we need to move beyond anecdote and isolated observations if we want to truly benefit from the experiences that took place.  Also, we need to learn from local stakeholders served by our system:  students, parents, and educators.  We need to learn from this in 3-D!  

To that end, we and other participating districts are casting a wide net to systematically capture observations and reactions during this historical time period.  We have worked with Battelle for Kids to develop customized surveys for this very moment.  Each survey instrument has been reviewed by a focus group representing its intended audience.  Also, the survey design and items are grounded in research related to the underlying constructs in question.  Finally, the data resulting from these surveys will not only inform key take-a-ways from this moment but may help inform our re-entry plan this fall and will contribute to our continuous improvement efforts long-term. 

Because this effort is a canvass of three major stakeholder groups, it is important that all three respond as fully as possible to keep the voices balanced and fully represented.  We are ONE system and as such, we need equity of voice across all groups.  Parents have the opportunity to complete a survey for each child because each experience is different.  

Our key goal is to be an even stronger, more supportive, and transformative system for ALL coming out of this unprecedented shutdown.  Being intentional, attentive, and thoughtful about our reflections on this sudden paradigm-challenge will go a long way toward realizing that aim.  Please use the survey monkey link below to provide your anonymous perspective as parents!

Go Blue Aces! 

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