Drive Thru Graduation Ceremony Details


The plans are set! The drive-thru graduation ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, May 24 in the front parking lot of Granville High School. It will take place rain or shine. The ceremony will begin at 9 AM and end at approximately 1 PM.  

 We encourage families to have a "Graduation Watch Party" at their homes at 2 PM on May 24. The virtual graduation ceremony video will be released in advance so families can ensure access to it wherever they reside.

The virtual ceremony contains traditional elements of our graduation ceremonies, like student music and student speeches, with a virtual twist. Our senior class president, Will Schieber, will read the names of our graduates accompanied by still photo images of them. Video will be taken of the graduates walking across the stage at the drive-thru ceremony, described below, and will be edited back into the virtual ceremony for re-release at a later date. 

Here are the logistics for the ceremony: 

  • Families are permitted to come to the drive-thru graduation ceremony in one vehicle per family. Any exceptions due to multi-family situations must be approved in advance by the principal. RVs, party busses, and limousines are not permitted as they will block the view of other graduates. Vehicles must be driven by the parent/guardian of the graduate and their families. All vehicles will enter and exit through the Granville Middle School entrance. Vehicles will park in the upper student lot and then be staged for the walk across the stage in the lot near the GHS main entrance. The high school entrance will be closed/barricaded to provide a safe space for the graduates to walk. Please review the aerial map to familiarize yourself with the set-up and traffic flow. 
  • Graduates will arrive at the school no later than their stated arrival time wearing cap/gown and seated in the front passenger seat. Arrival times can be found here. In addition to your arrival time, please note the PARKING SPOT as well. Please be parked in your designated spot at your stated arrival time. 
  • NEW: Please place an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper on your vehicle dashboard that includes the following: graduate last name, waive letter, and parking spot number. For example, Silver Abraham's will say "Abraham, A1." 
  • The ceremony is scheduled in waves of 10 graduates at a time. Families will park in their assigned space, and then be directed to drive towards the stage area in the front of the high school. Once they have reached a designated location, the graduate will be directed by a GHS staff member to exit their vehicles. The graduate will then have individual photos taken by HR Imaging. Next, the graduate will cross the stage while senior class president Will Schieber reads their names. The graduate's family will remain in their vehicle at all times and will advance along this route with their graduate. When it is time for your graduate to walk across the stage, your vehicle will be front and center for the best viewing and photo opportunity. Family members in the vehicle will be looking out the passenger side to see the graduate. Once the graduate has exited the stage, they will pick up their senior gift and get back into the family vehicle.
  • Once the graduate is back in the vehicle, the family heads home by driving behind the HS & MS to exit via the middle school exit. Sadly, we cannot allow graduates to congregate on school grounds once they have completed the drive-thru ceremony. The Granville Police will be on site to assist with traffic flow. 
  • We encourage families to decorate their vehicles to celebrate their graduates. 

Of special note: 

  • Graduates will be required to practice social distancing at all times. Spacing will be marked in the areas the graduate will be walking. 
  • Graduates are required to wear face masks at all times when they are out of their vehicles with the exceptions being during their individual photos and when crossing the stage. 
  • The high school building will not be open to the public on May 24. 
  • No other spectators are permitted on school grounds during the drive-thru ceremony. This is not a public event. 

We look forward to celebrating our graduates on May 24!


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