Mission, Vision & Beliefs

Granville Middle School
210 New Burg Street
Granville, OH 43023
Phone: 740-587-8104
Fax: 888-683-7730

Mission, Vision & Beliefs

GMS Mission
The mission of GMS is to create a vibrant learning community of tolerant and compassionate adolescents.

GMS Vision
The vision of Granville Middle School is focused on curriculum, instruction, assessment, and learning environment. Each subgroup has been developed to represent the beliefs of the Granville Middle School staff.

Curriculum should:

  • Apply rigorous and realistic expectations
  • Focus on alignment and collaboration
  • Exhaust all resources available for the betterment of the student body.

Instruction should:

  • Be student centered
  • Build upon prior learning
  • Involve varied groupings
  • Include authentic, real-world experiences.

Assessment should:

  • Require critical thinking
  • Provide students the opportunity to relearn for growth and mastery
  • Be varied and authentic
  • Be differentiated for students’ learning styles and abilities.

Learning environment should:

  • Be non-threatening so that students feel safe in expressing opinions
  • Engage all students with a variety of activities
  • Facilitate a positive atmosphere.

GMS Belief Statements

Student Achievement
We believe effective instruction and assessment strategies lead to a continuum of learning for all students.

Information and Analysis
We believe high quality information and a wide variety of analysis tools are important in helping students reach their potential.

Quality Planning
We believe collaborative teams plan instruction to facilitate optimal student performance.

Professional Development
We believe in goal oriented professional development for all staff to encourage innovative strategies that maximize student achievement.

Continuous Improvement
We believe in a school-wide effort to address relevant issues with constant evaluation to ensure an effective plan.

Partnership Development
We believe community partnerships create and enhance educational opportunities.

We believe in sharing leadership among the school community in an effort to promote our vision.

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