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Frequently Asked Questions

Granville Exempted Village Schools
130 North Granger Street
PO Box 417
Granville, OH 43023-0417
Phone: 740-587-8101
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I opt-out?

No. Participation is mandatory in the same way that textbooks are mandatory.
Are students attending CTEC included?
No, only students currently enrolled fulltime at Granville are included in this program.
Will the Chromebook be filtered at home?
Yes, we will use a web filter and other tools to limit content on and off campus.
Can you give an example of accidental damage?
Examples of accidents or events that would be covered once by the district includes accidentally dropping the device or if their home flooded. However, the district will not cover damage from a Chromebook being left on the floor and a sibling accidentally stepping on it. We agree that this was an accident but the student has also agreed to keep their Chromebook in a safe location and placing it on the floor is not a safe location.
Can the district record what the student does while using the Chromebook?
Yes. Anything displayed on the screen or input into the device can be recorded and evaluated. The district will never use or remotely activate the camera on the Chromebook
I don’t have Wi-Fi at home. Will the district provide wireless for me?
No, we are not providing wireless hotspots at this time. We will publish a list of local business that provide free wireless access.
How long is the battery life?
You should safely get 8+ hours of battery life from your Chromebook when fully charged. You should not need to bring your charger to school.
Is the Technology fee a one-time fee?
No, the Technology fee is $40 with a $100 family maximum and is due annually for students in grades 7-12.
The Chromebook Handbook states that damage from the first accident will be covered by the district. Is this the first instance each year?
Yes, the district will cover one accident per year.
Can I bring in my own device?
Yes, but you are also expected to have your Chromebook with you every day.
Can I play games on the Chromebook?
We recommend that you use personal devices for gaming. The district will limit sites available to educational sites. There will still be many gaming sites that our filtering partners have not identified that will be available to students.

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