Financial Documents

Granville Exempted Village Schools
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Monthly Financial Reports

The monthly financial reports compare current year actual revenue and expenses to prior year. Significant changes or variances are noted in the report. The Board of Education approves these financial reports monthly. 

Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports (ACFR)

The ACFR is a set of financial statements that comply with the account requirements established by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board. It must be audited by an independent auditor using generally accepted government auditing standards. 


This is a high level overview of the district’s budget. The Board of Education reviews and approves any changes to the district’s fund level budget (appropriations). 

5-Year Forecasts

The five-year forecast is a long-term financial planning tool that is based on a series of assumptions that are outlined in the attached notes. The forecast is required to be approved by the Board of Education and submitted to the Ohio Department of Education twice a year in November and May. 

The district's current five year forecast and assumptions can be found by clicking here(Click on any of the links - "Current and Historical Five-Year Forecasts," "Current Notes and Assumptions" or " Cash Balance Reports" - and it will lead to a portal in which Granville EVSD can be searched.)
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