School Closure Information

This is an update based on the school closure information we received from the Governor.    We have been anticipating this  closure and wanted to address several consistently asked questions.  We understand that this email probably doesn’t answer all of your questions, but we wanted to provide information in manageable chunks.  Please send your additional questions to Janelle King at [email protected]We will provide additional updates. 

Coronavirus School Closure Update 

Energy Management

Granville Exempted Village Schools
130 North Granger Street
PO Box 417
Granville, OH 43023-0417
Phone: 740-587-8101
888-683-7730: Fax

Energy Management

The Granville School District is committed to energy conservation as a long-term part of the success of our district. Energy savings initiatives need continuous support and visibility to insure they return their full savings potential. The following are district commitments to support the ongoing need to focus on energy awareness and education across the community.   

  1. The Board of Education will review energy spending and ongoing energy awareness at least quarterly. The review agenda should be brief and include energy spending relative to goals, return on capital expenditures related to energy savings and a review of educational opportunities.
  2. Energy awareness shall be a visible part of education in Granville. Energy conservation initiatives will be encouraged in the schools and education about the energy we use will be included in our curriculum.
  3. The district is committed to training students and staff on methods and best practices for energy conservation. Energy Management technicians will be adequately trained on control systems to implement the Energy Policy goals. Staff and students will be educated on this policy and how everyone is a part of energy savings.
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