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Student & Parent Chromebook Handbook

Your Responsibilities

You will follow all policies as outlined in your student handbook as well as the Internet Safety and Network Acceptable Use policies.

You and your parents will sign the Chromebook agreement forms.

You will pay the annual technology fee.

You will keep your Chromebook protected and in a safe location.

You will not lend or let family, friends or acquaintances borrow your device.

You will only use your Chromebook for educational purposes.

You will bring your Chromebook to school every day with a full charge.

You will protect your network accounts and passwords. Under no circumstances will you share your login credentials or passwords with others.

You will not alter, add or delete any of the applications placed on your device that are not approved by Granville Schools.

You will not in any manner disable or circumvent the protection tools as well as the web filter.

You will immediately relinquish your Chromebook for inspections if requested by staff.

You are permitted to connect your Chromebook to your home Wi-Fi or Public Hotspots.

You will obey and follow all local, state, and federal laws.

You will not share or download copyrighted material.

You are expected to take your device home every day regardless of whether it is needed.

Care of Your Chromebook

Protecting your Chromebook is your responsibility. A protective bag is recommended and it is the responsibility of the family.

Vinyl stickers and other decorations are permissible on the top cover of your device. Any ornamentation or decorations cannot obscure or cover any identifying labels, or markings. The decorations must also be removable. You cannot for example, use a paint marker to decorate your device.

You should always carry your device securely, preferably in a bag. You should not carry the device with the screen open. You should never carry the Chromebook by the screen.

You will secure your Chromebook when it is not on your person. You cannot for example leave your Chromebook in unlocked locker or unsupervised area.

You should not use cleansers of any type to clean your Chromebook. A simple microfiber cloth can be used to clean the screen. You can also take your Chromebook to the repair area in your building to have the Technology staff clean your device.

Your Chromebook should not be used in wet environments such as bathrooms and kitchens.

You must avoid excessive temperature changes. Your device should not be left in a hot car or unheated space.

You will not attempt to repair the Chromebook nor will you take the Chromebook to a third-party repair center.

Do not rest or leave your device on soft surfaces such as beds, couches or carpeted floors.

Repair and Troubleshooting

You should immediately contact the Technology department if you are experiencing problems with your Chromebook, its operating system, or our other services. 

Loaner Chromebooks will be provided as long as they are available. A loaner cannot be guaranteed and does not remove your responsibility for coursework in your classes if one cannot be provided.

The cost to repair any damage from intentional or negligent use will be the responsibility of the family.

Accidental damage will be covered once by the school. Any damage after the first instance is the responsibility of the family.

Power adapters that are damaged or lost are the responsibility of the family.

A Chromebook may be wiped during repair. The school district does not accept responsibility for any document loss due to a reimaging process.


Your Chromebook and School

You are required to bring your Chromebook to school every day. The device should be fully charged when you arrive at school.

You will not be able to contact your parents, friends, or acquaintances to bring your Chromebook to school if you forget it. You can request a Chromebook from the library as long as they remain available.

Repeatedly forgetting your Chromebook or bringing it to school without being fully charged will result in disciplinary action.

You understand that there is no implication of privacy when using a school Chromebook, another device, or our network. Granville Schools may without prior notice, access, monitor, and record your Chromebook and network use.

Sound must be muted at all times unless a teacher requires sound as a part of instruction.

Chromebooks will not be configured for printing. We encourage all students to submit all work digitally through our LMS or email. Printing kiosks will be provided in libraries for items that must be printed.

You are encouraged to use your Chromebook outside of school.

The Chromebook remains the property of Granville Exempted Village School District and is only loaned to you while at Granville Schools.

Cloud Services

Chromebooks are cloud-based devices. This means that they work best when connected to the internet. We provide access to multiple cloud-based app suites for teachers and students. We have chosen to omit tools from both suites when they overlapped with other tools or were not appropriate for K12 education.

Office 365 

Office 365 is our primary suite. The tools are the most common in businesses across the world.

- Word - Word Processor

- Excel - Spreadsheet

- PowerPoint - Presentations

- Forms - Forms and Survey tools

- OneDrive - Your document storage

- Outlook - Email

- OneNote - Note Taking and Organization

Student email addresses are their graduation date, initial of first name, last name followed by A middle initial may be used in case of duplicate names.

Example, Nelson Mandela, Graduating in 2018:   [email protected] 

G Suite

G Suite is a large suite of tools and most of their offerings are also available for you to use. G Suite was previously known as Google Apps for Education. One omission from the suite is Gmail, which is not available due to email being provided through Office 365.

- Docs - Word Processor

- Sheets - Spreadsheet

- Slides - Presentations

- Forms - Forms and Survey tools

- Drive - Your document storage

The choice of tools is largely up to you and your teachers. You must know how to log into Office 365 and access your email at a minimum. Teachers will not send emails to private or personal email addresses. You should always choose Office 365 if you are unsure of what tool to use.

Both G Suite and Office 365 provide a minimum of 1 Terabyte of storage. All of your documents should be stored in the respective cloud storage locations.

Student logins for G Suite are the same format as Office 365 with the addition of gm in front of Granville Schools.

Example, Nelson Mandela, Graduating in 2018:
[email protected] 

Remember that students do not have email through G Suite. Even though their login is in the form of an email address, no email capabilities are enabled.


Chrome Store

Students are permitted to install any web apps or extensions that are provided under the Granville Schools section of the Chrome Web Store. This store is available on all Chromebooks.


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