Chromebook Fees

Granville Exempted Village Schools
130 North Granger Street
Granville, OH 43023-0417
Phone: 740-587-8101
888-683-7730: Fax

Chromebook Fees

A $40 annual fee with a $100 family maximum is required and will not be waived.

1 Child $40
2 Children$80
3 or More Children$100

This fee helps to defer the costs for some of the following.

  • Accidental damage to the device. The school will repair the device once per year if the damage to the device is deemed accidental. Any damage sustained from intentional or negligent acts will not be covered and the repair costs will be the responsibility of the parent. Power adapters that are damaged or lost are the responsibility of the family.
  • Management licenses. Different tools are used to manage the student devices inside and outside of the district. Google also requires a management license for each device.
  • Software Services are required for protecting the device. Multiple solutions are used to protect the device and network.
  • The sustainability of our program. A “refresh” cycle is a part of our program and guarantees that our students will not use devices past their useful lifespan.
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