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Granville Schools Continuous Improvement Plan

Granville Exempted Village Schools
130 North Granger Street
PO Box 417
Granville, OH 43023-0417
Phone: 740-587-8101
888-683-7730: Fax

Continuous Improvement Plan

Our Mission, with the support of our community, is to provide superior educational experiences for students in a personalized learning environment. 

VISION The Framework for Excellence

Graduates of the Granville Exempted Village School District are well-prepared and empowered to be thoughtful, productive, and contributing members of their communities, and are equipped with the critical thinking skills and self-sufficiency necessary for success in our ever-changing world.

Habits that Perpetuate Excellence

We want our staff to model, and our children to exhibit and embrace, these values:

·       Acceptance and Inclusion

·       Compassion

·       Diligence and Self-Discipline

·       Honesty and Integrity (Trustworthiness)

·       Moral Courage

·       Respect

·       Responsibility and Self-Reliance

·       Collaboration

·       Citizenship

Foundation of Excellence

Our operations and work are founded on, and are guided by, these principles:

·       Student learning as our core purpose

·       Family and community involvement

·       High expectations that challenge each student and staff member

·       Professional skill development

·       Innovation

·       Clean, safe, and secure learning environments

·       Fiscal responsibility, accountability, and stewardship

·       Curriculum, instruction, and assessment based on student needs

·       Technology integration across the curriculum and the use of data to direct instructional practices.

FOCUS Building on a Tradition of Excellence

The staff will focus on quality classroom practices including, a rigorous curriculum, aligned assessments and focused instruction.

Achieving Excellence

Benchmark 1: Whole Child: The District will promote a safe learning environment that nurtures physical, social, and emotional well-being.

  • Increase or maintain 90 percent of students giving the top two ratings on exit survey.
  • Increase or maintain 85 percent of students participating in at least one extra/co-curricular activity.

Benchmark 2: World Class Education: The District will provide a superior educational experience for students to become self-sustaining, critical thinking, life-long learners who are active citizens.

  • Overall district/building growth is at or above a year’s worth of academic growth.
  • Majority of subjects and grade levels meet a year’s worth of academic growth.
  • All subgroups will meet AYP goals in Reading and Math
  • Performance Index will increase or maintain 110.
  • Overall district/building performance index ranking will increase or remain in the top five percent of the state.
  • District/building will surpass the similar district average for advanced and accelerated percentages in a majority of subjects and grade levels.
  • Increase or maintain 50 percent of juniors and seniors participating in Advanced Placement courses.
  • Increase or maintain 75 percent of students earning a score of three or above on Advanced Placement exams.
  • District ACT mean scores will increase or maintain at least a 27.
  • Increase or maintain 50 percent of graduates meeting all four ACT college readiness benchmarks.

Benchmark 3: Operations/Resources: The District will be good stewards of community resources and assets to ensure their effective use to maximize educational opportunities for all students.

  • To lower the cost per square foot for utilities to $1.15.
  • The student per bus value will increase to 1.5.
  • The school lunch program will not use district funds for any purposes to supplement the lunch program.

Benchmark 4: Finance: The District will generate, allocate, and utilize resources in a transparent manner to ensure student achievement.

  • Obtain annual Government Finance Officer Association (GFOA) award for financial reporting for the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).
  • Receive a successful unqualified audit with fewer than three minor compliance citations.
  • The district will maintain an adequate cash reserve for financial stability.

Benchmark 5: Community: The District will build a strong community partnership through involvement, collaboration, and transparency to provide a superior educational experience for students.

  • Increase or maintain 90 percent of community members surveyed giving the top two ratings on the community survey.
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