Extracurricular Substance Use Policy

Extracurricular Substance Use Policy

The Granville School District Board of Education recognizes that the extra-curricular program provides students with educational, character building, and leadership experiences. The Board also recognizes that it is a privilege to participate in the program and, therefore, expects program participants to refrain from using prohibited substances. To help participants meet this expectation, the Board has adopted this Random Substance Use Testing Policy for all participants.

Prior to participating in any extra-curricular activity, all participants and a parent or guardian must accept the substance use testing procedure described within this policy. The consent form for testing must be received by the School District before the participant may engage in any extra-curricular activity thus creating the pool for random selection. Random testing of the participant pool will take place regularly throughout the school year.

If a parent objects, as a matter of conscience, to having their child or children submit to random substance use testing and, therefore, opts to have their child or children be exempted from the random testing protocol, yet maintain eligibility to participate in extracurricular activities by otherwise complying with the Granville School’s extracurricular code of conduct, the parent will be required to sign an opt-out letter each year for that student’s participation.

The results of the random tests taken pursuant to this policy will not be documented in any student’s academic records. Information regarding the results of the substance use test will not be disclosed to criminal or juvenile authorities absent legal compulsion by valid subpoena or other legal process.

This policy will be in effect for 3 full academic years, ending at the end of the third academic year after implementation.

Consent and Opt-Out Information

Parents/guardians and students must either consent or opt-out of the Extracurricular Substance Use Policy each school year. The due date for submitting the appropriate paperwork are listed below: 
Extracurricular Activity Deadline
Academic Team 9/1/17
Baseball 3/9/18
Bowling (Boys and Girls) 11/17/17
Boys Basketball 11/17/17
Boys Tennis 3/9/18
Cheerleading (Fall) 8/14/17
Cheerleading (Winter) 11/17/17
Cross Country (Boys and Girls) 8/14/17
Envirothon 9/1/17
Fall Play 9/29/17
Field Hockey 8/14/17
Football 8/14/17
Girls Basketball 11/17/17
Girls Tennis 3/9/18
Golf (Boys and Girls) 8/14/17
Lacrosse (Boys and Girls) 3/9/18
Mock Trial 9/20/17
Robotics 9/20/17
Soccer (Boys and Girls) 8/14/17
Softball 3/9/18
Spring Musical 3/9/18
Student Council 9/1/17
Swimming and Diving (Boys and Girls) 11/17/17
Track and Field - Indoor (Boys and Girls) 1/5/18
Track and Field - Outdoor (Boys and Girls) 3/9/18
Volleyball 8/14/17
Winter Play 12/15/17
Wrestling 11/17/17
Youth in Government 10/4/17

Extracurricular Substance Use Policy and Required Forms

The packet of information linked here contains the following: 
1. Extracurricular Substance Use Policy
2. Consent Form
3. Opt-out Form  
Please review the policy with your student and turn in either the consent or opt-out form to the high school office.  
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